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Break The Cycle – Irish DH movie
November 27, 2008, 3:11 pm
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At long last something to put a smile on my face about mountain biking in Ireland, if this trailer is anything to go by we are in for one sweet movie early next year.

Break the Cycle Trailer from Andy Yoong on Vimeo.


A mixed bag
November 24, 2008, 4:49 pm
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Bike: Cotic Roadrat
Distance: 37 miles
Time: 2hrs 20mins

Bike: Commencal Meta 5.5
Distance: 7 miles
Time: 55mins

Best laid plans and all that.  Saturday was supposed to be a pure mountain ride through the muddy forest, slept in (how is that possible with kids) and missed the window of opportunity for 3 hours in the hills, so pulled the Roadrat out and hit the roads instead, same route as last week to see if the legs could cope any better, they didn’t but that was more down to the Arctic wind that tried it’s level best to freeze me to death.

Usual mix of car driving assholes doing their level best to either put me in the ditch or just plain run me over, lost count of the amount of friendly hand signals that were delivered and at least on one occassion a full on verbal assault – mental note to self, learn to calm down!

Legs were heavy at the end but it was a good ride none the less, no riding during the week made it more painful, that I know, aim this week needs to be to ride more, no matter how exciting it is staring at a blank wall – ride!

Sunday I needed to clear the head after one too many the previous night, so manage an hours escape on the proper bike round the local woods and paths, nothing too interesting to note other than the fact I managed to get out on the mountain bike, a joy to behold after 2 long weeks.  Some tweaking needed to the front mech, but that is an every ride occurrence these days!

Plans are afoot to get a really decent ride in this side of Chrimbo, fingers crossed 13th Dec should see us hitting the trails of Ballinastoe, if the internet tales are to be believed this will be better than the second coming, well almost but not quite.

A road ride…
November 17, 2008, 2:21 pm
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Bike: Cotic Roadrat
Distance: 37 miles
Time: 2hrs 20mins

Phew! It’s been a long time since I did one of these, perhaps June/July this year, anyway, time was short this weekend and I only had a couple of hours Sunday morning to get any sort of pedal powered satisfaction in so I decided to whip out the Roadrat.

From the off it was completely noticeable that the legs have not had a sustained singlespeed ride for a long time, my aim was 40 miles and I actually felt quite good up until the 30 mile mark and then the legs just died for some reason, probably the curry/beer nutritional combination from the night before!  whatever happened it annoyed the heck out of me, so the plan over the winter is to try and get out at least every 2 weeks for a sustained singlespeed ride, unless of course the sun shines and I am forced into a mountain bike ride!!

Am struggling with temptation at the minute, have seen this in the sale:-

with 2 upgrade options which just blings the bike out perfectly, so my ultimate dream bike in a sale……

November 11, 2008, 12:06 pm
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Bike: Commencal Meta 5.5
Distance: 22.5 miles
Time: 2hr 15mins

Thank goodness for waterproofing, yesterday the Endura and the Sealskinz held up well, dry feet (they stayed warm for 80% of the ride) and dry/warm hands, it makes a pleasant change from the constant numbness of riding a mountain bike at this time of the year.

The ride itself proved a little deflating, I could tell the legs have not been used to the usual hammering after 3/4 weeks of injury/holiday/illness, it’ll take time to get the precious fitness back, it is always hard work the first few rides when it has been lost, it disappers a lot quicker than it is gained, it is a constant fight to hold on. The legs were just not there, so it was a battle for 23 miles, but satisfying as always.

It is turbo season now although the aim will be to try and get at least one night ride in as well, it may build mental toughness to stare at a blank wall for 60 minutes whilst spinning at a standstill but it sure as hell is not fun!