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Down but not quite out
December 28, 2008, 2:20 pm
Filed under: Bike Rides

Bike: Cotic Roadrat
Distance: 20 miles

I didn’t think I would even get another bike ride in this year I have been feeling so crap with this flu and chest infection but after 3 weeks of doing nothing I was at breaking point yesterday and needed a ride.

I layered up well as it was still at freezing point outside grabbed the Roadrat and decided to try for an hour at a slow pace to see how I felt, my how things have changed in a short month, fitness feels like it has completely gone! I managed about an hour and 15 minutes, covered 20 miles at a ridiculous pace and then spent the rest of the day coughing my lungs up – great!!

Today though I don’t feel too bad, so I guess the infection has gone and I am left with just a crappy cold, I so much just want to ride every day now but the plan is to ease it back again, so a day off again today, short road ride Monday and then hopefully Davagh for a decent mountain bike ride on Tuesday, I know the legs and lungs will be crap but the soul will be smiling!!


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